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Episode 5: All the Magicks!

This week in The Adventures of Yellow Peril & Magical Negro we talk magic, from systems to wonder and everything in between. Plus who uses ATRs right in speculative literature?(basically Nalo Hopkinson and a very few others)

Episode 5: All The Magicks
This episode – magical worlds, magical systems, and magical peoples! Spirit quests, evil baby magic, ATRs, Magic systems vs. magic atmosphere, Voooodoooo, “…and then suddenly magical POC!”, hiphop as magic, modern magic, one step forward one step backward progress, appropriation, self mockery as mainstream.

Show Notes coming – I know I keep saying that and they will just not this week I’m swamped. When I have a free day though I’ll get them pounded out.

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Episode 4: Race in Spaaaaaaccce!

So we’re all caught up now! This episode is this week’s episode where we talk about Race in Spaaaaaaacccce! (if you don’t get that reference…*sigh* I don’t know what to do with y’all)

Episode 4: Race in Spaaaaccce

This episode we manage to stay within a reasonable amount of time! Elysium, Chronicles of Riddick, Battle Angel Alita, Stargate Atlantis, Aliens as POC vs. POC Aliens, The Missing Chinese of Firefly, and more!

As of now new episodes are uploaded every Monday and will appear here then. We are working on a few things like putting our podcast on iTunes, adding more detailed notes to the episodes, starting a twitter so as those happen they’ll be posted here too.

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Episode 3 : Women Characters in Videogames

Here’s the link for Episode 3 where we talk about women characters in videogames. This is not about creators or gamergate though that is a topic we are going to cover in the near future.

Episode 3: Women Characters in Videogames

This episode – after some technical mishaps (“press the record button”) we get into Star Trek and sci-fi before going deep into women in videogames.

Notes to come!

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Episode 2: Comics!

We’ve been remiss in posting our episodes, mostly because we’ve been bad about show notes but we’re just gonna jump on ahead and try and do better in the future.

So here is:

Episode Two: Women Characters in Comics

The second episode of Yellow Peril and Magical Negro: COMICS!!! Saga, Amulet, Glory, Genius, Artesia and more! Also the Black Comics Festival!

More notes to come!

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