Episode 6: Videogames, ETC.

This week in The Adventures of Yellow Peril & Magical Negro videogames – what series we love, which ones we hate, what makes us love a game (hint: plot is a big one) and what can turn us off immediately. We delve into the ease that could be diversity in games and a lot of other stuff.
Early in the episode where Magical Negro discusses his love of 01Second books which sends us on a mighty comics diversion for a while. We also rant about responses to geek criticism, and the fact that your past creative genius in whatever field does not excuse you being an asshole later in life.

Episode 6: Videogames, ETC.
This week is a random bit of comics, movies, but a lot on videogames – things that work, things that bug us, and bad responses to geek criticism.

Show Notes coming – I know I keep saying that and they will just not this week I’m swamped. When I have a free day though I’ll get them pounded out.

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