Episode 9: 80s (mostly) CARTOONS!

Episode 9: 80s Cartoons
This is My Shit!

Yellow Peril:
The Wicked & The Divine
Ms. Marvel
Agents of the Realm

Magical Negro:
The Fifth Season
The Endling

In the main Section we cover: 80s Cartoons: Gender, POC, Morals, Marketing, Whitewashing, Transformation, Captain Planet Diversity (TM) and more!
My Little Pony
Jem & The Holograms
Rainbow Brite<
the forgotten of the villain of the Cabbage Patch Kids
Pirates of Darkwater
Gargoyles (yes, 90s, ok)
Josie & the Pussycats (yes, 70s, ok)
Mysterious Cities of Gold
Care Bears
Mr. T
Captain Planet
G.I. Joe

Why Must It Be?
Yellow Peril – Alt History Worldbuilding that's full of unexamined isms!
Magical Negro – Gunnerkrigg Court & fans who blindly defend problematic things without any analysis.

Sorry for the jump in the sound quality at the end. We had some audio issues and had to rerecord the last part etc.

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